cool product
Every once in a great while, we stumble upon a nice product that does something that hasn’t been done before, or was in need of doing better.  Here’s one:


This program is a large mounted display that shows a picture and title of every medal conferred by the US Military.  There are currently 96 medals that have been awarded.  Each one is here.  There is also a companion display stand that features a page for each medal that explains the circumstances of the medal’s creation and the criteria used to award it.

Thomas Poolton is the funeral director behind the program.  He was kind enough to send us a full set to show us the product.  He also described the program and the way it provides much-needed funds for local VFW or American Legion Posts.

He suggests you donate the set to a VFW or Legion Post in your area.  The veterans then sell advertising space on the individual pages for a set fee.  A portion of this goes to Colors of Honor for the printing and the rest goes to the veteran group.  (Colors of Honor also has a bank of telemarketers who’ll sell the ad space to local businesses for the group.) 

Any blank pages will feature your funeral home’s name and address, as will the main wall-mounted display.  Another nice part:  advertising (except yours) is resold each year, so it provides continuing revenue to the VFW group.

Also, if medals are added (which happens every half dozen years or so), Colors of Honor will send you the corrected set.

When I first heard about the product I was skeptical that the product would be worth the investment.  However, having seen the quality of the display and having spent almost an hour reading through the information about the medals, I believe this can be a worthwhile way for your funeral home to make an investment in your community.