I’ve just been tipped off to a great website.

Nagging Couple Hassle Me! will send you an email at your chosen interval to remind you to complete an important task.

 EXAMPLE:  You can have Hassle Me! send you an email every seven days or so to remind you to call your mother.  Or every three or so days to go to the gym.

The great part about Hassle Me!?  They only let you specify a “rough” interval, so they have some leeway and you don’t fall into a rhythm of deleting that “wash behind your ears” email every Thursday at 3 pm.

My suggestion to funeral directors:  set Hassle Me! to remind you every (roughly) 14 days to check in with the families you served two weeks ago.  By calling on them, you’ll remind them that you’re still around to help.  And you’ll catch any mistakes that may have happened without your knowledge before they become reasons for your past clients to speak negatively about your firm.