In a move designed to improve our product (and zoom ahead of our competition), we’ve changed the lining on our quilted cot covers to a treated nylon material.  The all new FluidBlocker™ is made from woven nylon that is treated to create a waterproof barrier.

Not only is the new FluidBlocker™ stronger than vinyl linings because of the woven fibers, but it also drapes more naturally, is less prone to tearing or cracking and is quieter.  And unlike vinyl, any cover with our new nylon FluidBlocker™ is completely machine-washable and dryer-safe.  No more line drying required!

And while the new nylon FluidBlocker™ is more expensive for us to produce, we haven’t raised our prices in any way.  Better still, reversing the cover (inside-out like the picture below) gives you a solid black cover.  Essentially you’re getting two covers for the price of one.

Just  few more reasons why is the leading manufacturer of quilted cot covers in North America and why we’ve been called “the best thing to happen to the first call since fresh linen!”