We’ve just started a DAILY NAG, where we tell you to stop doing stupid things (like your mother would tell you.)

DAILY NAG #2:  Stop saying “Good Morning.”

I used to work with the sweetest woman from the British Isles.  She had a lovely voice and was well-coached in proper phone etiquette.

The only problem was this:  she was coached to answer regular business phones.

Funeral homes have their own special phone etiquette challenges.  I had trouble convincing her of this fact.  She continued to answer “Good Morning, Smith Funeral Home, how may I assist you?” until one day when a distraught family member retorted “What’s go good about it?  My mom just died.”


Let’s not forget that our clients are usually not having a “Good Morning” so we must find another way to greet them.

“Hello” works pretty well.  My personal telephone favorite is the one I used for the last five years.

“Thank you for calling Dobbs Funeral Home.  My name is Tim.  How can I help you?”

If that’s too long, find something shorter.  But, for the love of all that is holy, don’t invite a negative response!