Since you’re too old to have your mother reminding you, I’ve decided to be the one who nags you every now and then.

 But instead of reminding you to wear clean undergarments or telling you to wash behind your ears, I’m going to remind you to do some of the little things that you keep forgetting to do.

NAG #1:  Clean up your removal vehicle!

No one likes a dirty car, except for lazy people.  And no one wants to turn their loved one over to someone driving a dirty vehicle.

Most funeral professionals have eschewed the traditional hearse for removals.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep your SUV, van or station wagon in topshape.

Most families won’t follow you all the way to the vehicle.  But thosethat do will be appalled if the back of your Windstar is full of dirt, used gloves and soiled sheets.  Get that junk cleaned up!

Also, make sure your removal vehicle is well-organized.  This means everything gets a place and everything should be in its place.  Make sure you have the right tools and equipment when you’re trying to assist a family.

Keeping your vehicle clean will also keep your mortuary cot and cot cover in good shape.  While the quilted mortuary cot covers that our company makes (PLUG ALERT!: are available with CleanEdge Binding System to keep the lower edge pristine, many manufaturer’s covers are not.  Don’t take a dirty cover into your clients’ homes.  Ever!