I’m sure your mother taught you to always say “please” and “thank you.”  But how often do you follow that advice?

DAILY NAG #3:  Reward Your Employees 

Yes, Johnny’s worked for you for fifteen years and you pay him less than a sixth of what you pay yourself, but he is still a human being and should be treated as your mother taught you.

The majority of employees who are disatisfied with their jobs cite “the way the boss treats me” over “the amount I get paid.”

Why?  Because most people believe they’re worth more than they’re being paid.  That seems to be a natural inclination of today’s workers.

So how can you impress your employees and make them appreciate you?  Appreciate them right back.


  • Movie Passes
  • Dinner for 2 at a Nice Restaurant (for the employee and their guest)
  • Unexpected Afternoon Off With Pay
  • Cold, Hard Cash
  • A Simple “Thank You” When He/She has Done a Good Job

It’s so easy to do, costs you little and will make your employee feel really good about themselves.