I’m halfway through a great book by Cameron Johnson, titled You Call the Shots.

Succeed Your Way-- And Live the Life You Want-- With the 19 Essential Secrets of Entrepreneurship

In this entrepreneurial guide, Cameron describes his adventures (creating 11 successful businesses before turning 21 years of age) and shares the tips and strategies that made him his first million dollars before graduating high school.

Cameron’s writing style is fluid and easy to understand.  Far from being pedantic or juvenile, his sentence and paragraph structure suggest a more-seasoned writer.  I’ll be honest, while admiring his clear writing and the intelligent structure of the book, I questioned whether the book was ghost-written.  UPDATE:  Co-written would have been a more appropriate word – read the comments.

Regardless of my baseless ghost-writing questions, Cameron’s story is at once inspirational and revealing.  Through engaging examples and clear storytelling, he illustrates some basic tenets of Entrepreneurship 101 and offers some new insights.

And while I’m still reading the second half, I see no reason that it won’t be as engrossing and informative as the first.