I remember what it was like when I first started learning website design:  the task seemed so DAUNTING!

Everyone I knew who had any knowledge or skill was also a TERRIBLE teacher.  So I read books, experimented and watched others.  It finally began coming together for me, but not until I’d wasted a lot of time spinning my wheels.

Hi!That’s why I’m so excited about PageTutor.com.  It’s a website designed to teach HTML (the language of webpages) and web design to everyone.

There are lessons for beginners that define everything from HTML to web browsers.  Lessons for more advanced users include CSS, JavaScript and more.

And while PageTutor.com provides lots of free information, some of the more in-depth advanced stuff requires a paid membership.  For those who prefer learning in book-form, PageTutor.com also has print versions of their lessons available.