Everyday I read a report telling me how people find this site.  Some are looking for answers to funeral-related questions, others are business people who are searching for references to their own funeral home and still others are looking for specific information that our industry seems to hide from consumers, like the person who searched for this:

Picture of how a cremation is done

But every once in a while, a really weird search phrase pops up.  One that makes no sense, like the following request:

how to sue your dentist in Canada?

Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I wish there was a button I could push that would let me instantly talk to the person who typed this question into a search engine.

I’d ask, “What happened to you that you thought a search engine would answer this question?” 

And “Did you find anything on my site to help you?  Were you freaked out to find that we offer advice and information to funeral professionals?”

It also makes me wonder if search engines really work.

Sometimes I get nothing but junk when I search.  Which brings me to a new project:  highlighting some basic techniques you can use to make your internet searches more effective.  Look for it soon!