The natural inclination is to hate your competition.  Some even go so far as to badmouth other funeral homes.

STOP IT!!!!!


This means you had better be nice to everyone you meet.  Why?

 When someone mentions your competition, you have no idea what their relationship to your competitor might be.  They may have used them for a previous service.  They may be trying to decide which funeral home to use.  They may be friends with the owner.

No matter their relationship, unkind words from you will only harm YOUR relationship with the person with whom you’re talking.

No one wants to be around grumpy people who complain about everyone.  And if you do nothing but complain about your competition, you’ll have precious little time to highlight all the reasons that yours is a great funeral home.

To mangle a great saying:  it is better to let them think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.