Families looking for cremation services are not the enemy.  They don’t support another candidate.  They don’t hate your religion and they aren’t trying to sell your kids drugs.

 They just want something different than traditional burial.

DAILY NAG:  Stop Badgering and Mistreating Cremation Families!

Most of them don’t know that cremation can be more than immediate.  Most have no idea that cremation can be preceded by a viewing a full service with the body present.

And they’ll never know if you recoil in horror everytime someone mentions cremation.  STOP DOING THAT!

If you don’t want to serve cremation families, make that point clear in your advertising and at the beginning of every conversation with a family asking about cremation.

If you hate handling direct cremations, make sure your price for cremation is sufficient to deter price shoppers from darkening your doorstep.  And let families know that all cremations handled by your firm include provisions for viewing and services.

Whichever way you choose to handle your dislike of cremation, make sure your clients and community don’t see you campaigning.  While some in the industry are good at stirring up oposition to cremation, your community doesn’t care. 

They just want what’s best for their family.