Beware of the Nigerian finance letter scam.

Received primarily by fax or regular mail, the letter looks to be from a high-ranking official in an African country.  The writer has funds that have been either stolen or skimmed from an official government account or an inheritance will be issued if you claim to be the next of kin for some dead family.

The amounts, which can range from $10 million to more than $100 million, will be wired to your bank account.  And for doing absolutely nothing (except getting fleeced by conmen, it seems) you’ll get a healthy commission.

Throw this letter away!  Or, if you feel compelled to act, send it to your attorney general’s office.

Don’t, regardless of your desire to get rich off of African criminals, ever contact them or send them money to pay up-front fees.  Because the only people who will get rich are the criminals.  And you’ll be humiliated and broke.

For more info, read this website of some ingenious scambaiters (people who respond to the scammers with time-wasting “scams” of their own!): The 4-1-9 Scam.