Kids’ toys are frustrating.  They’re hard enough to put together.  But try figuring out how they work (or why they don’t work) after they’ve been around for a few weeks? 

You have two options:  keep the all the instructions for all your kids’ toys in a big box in the attic or try to figure it out with basic deductive skills. 

Yeah.  Good luck with that.

 Luckily for you (and anyone else who can’t get Colton to stop crying because his remote control car just won’t go anymore) an ingenious group of people have created the Xanadu of toy instructions:

The Toy Instructions Wiki

Don’t know what a wiki is?  Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter (for the record, a wiki is a collaborative website that allows users to share information editing responsibilites).

This one gathers instructions for toys.  So if you’ve got instructions, or need to find some, head on over.  They are still looking for contributors.