Just yesterday I got an email from a reader asking me to identify “the blogosphere.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was standing in it.

 Fact is, Final Embrace is a blog.  Actually, many of the sites I visit on a regular basis are blogs.  If you’re forward thinking, you might have a blog of your own.

Simply put, blogs are websites that can be easily updated.  They feature a prescribed structure and sort content additions by date and topic. 

That means you can go to the side bar (to the right) and look through our additions to this site by date (Archives or Recent Posts) or by topic (Categories).

You can also find a list of other sites I recommend by looking through my Blogroll (also on the right).

One of the other great features of a blog is the ability for others to “comment” on the content.  If I write a story about SCI’s acquisition of Alderwoods, interested readers can comment with their own thoughts.

Because of these features, blogs become conversations, rather than static promotional materials.