Funeral homes and other businesses are being consistently targeted by scam artists bent on conning them out of large amounts of money.  During the five years I managed the day-to-day operations of a small family funeral home, I fielded weekly calls from folks claiming to be “with your copier company” and asking for the “four digit number on the front of the copier.”

Copier Toners - Printer Cartridges - Laser TonerDon’t be fooled by these calls.  The company that provides your copier service knows what model you use.  And who identifies themselves as “with your copier company?”  Reputable companies will share their actual name. 

The scammers hope to get your four digits so they can figure out which copier you have and either send you junk mail selling supplies or call to sell you toner.  One of my part-time attendants gave the digits to one caller.  The next day I got a call from a woman claiming to be “with your copier company.”  She had a great deal on toner for our Kyocera 2050 and was hoping to get my verbal approval to send it out.

Don’t fall for this either.  If you consult your copier service contract, you’ll see that most include free toner for the life of the contract.  If your toner isn’t included, be aware that using toner from sources other than your service provider could void your service contract and cost you big penalties.

Either way, people who refuse to identify the company they’re representing are, at the very least, worthy of your skepticism.