“Out of sight, out of mind” my grandfather used to say.  Of course, he was blind and crazy, but….

THE DAILY NAG:  Don’t Trust Your Answering Service!

Ronald Reagan was asked about his policy for dealing with the “evil empire” and he answered “Trust, but verify.”  That’s a good way to treat your answering service.

 Why?  Because your answering service is often the frontline to your customers.  You can’t afford for them to treat your clients and potential clients with any disrespect.

What can you do?  Pose as a customer and call them.  Do it at a busy time, so you see how they’re treating people during a rush.

Better yet, have someone else call while you’re on the phone with them.  See how they handle several calls at the same time.

You owe it to your clients to make sure your off-hour representatives are professional and treat your customers with respect.