So now I’ll qualify my earlier statement about yellow page ads being bad for all funeral homes, because it all depends upon which market you’re targeting.

Be warned:  You can’t target every one of these four categories, so don’t think this works for everyone.

PRICE FUNERAL HOMES should advertise in the yellow pages, but only with an ad large enough to impress upon the world that they’re low-priced.  Like this:


Other information, like location, packages offered or reputation in the community is superfluous for your real purpose:  convincing price shoppers that you’re the lowest price in town.

Price shoppers are the most un-trusting consumers out there so you’ve got a mandate to make your message crystal clear.  A yellow page ad directed at price shoppers should focus on getting them to make one of their ten phone calls (they’ll investigate more than any other shoppers) to you.

CONVENIENCE FUNERAL HOMES need to convince prospective clients that it will be easy to make arrangements with them.  Convenience shoppers, by nature, want the easiest solution, meaning a convenient location and services when they want them.Once again, you need a small ad (much smaller than what your salesperson will try to talk you into) with a clear and concise message:


EXPERIENCE FUNERAL HOMES need to convey their ability to create memorable and unique experiences.  They must show that they are different than the competition and focus fully on making the experience “truly personal.”  Location is not necessarily as important as the name of the business.  Also, avoid using traditional funeral words like “mortuary” or “undertaker.”  Here’s a good example of a basic ad: personalad.JPG

REPUTATION FUNERAL HOMES don’t need an ad in the yellow pages.  If you’ve built a name in the community, your prospective clients will already know your name and be looking in the yellow pages for your name.  Because of that, it’s important to make sure your name is bolded in the line listings.

If you insist on placing an ad, you should only include your recognizable logo, your name and a phone number.  No one becomes a reputation shopper while looking through the yellow pages, so you’re only trying to give them an easy way to find your phone number.

It’d almost be cheaper to print refridgerator magnets to give to your community.

(By the way – I made all these ads myself in Microsoft Paint.  Pretty was not the point, content was.)