I’ll make this one short.

 Part-time workers are cheap.  They don’t require full-time benefits and they don’t get paid much.

And if you hire some retired folks who don’t care too much about the pay, they won’t get upset if you only give them five hours this week and ten the next.

Part-timers can fill in for your full-time staff associates (so Jim won’t feel so guilty for taking time off for his kid’s school play) and are great ambassadors to your community.

The best way to get into new pockets of your community is to employ insiders. 

Want to attract more Hindu funerals?  Hire someone from the Hindu community.

Want to start serving the local Catholic church?  Hire a few influential members.

Of course, you’ll need some skill at attracting workers.  You might have to mention to the priest that you’re looking to hire a part-time worker to assist at visitations.  Maybe he can recommend someone?

And if you find someone working at a local grocery store or at the diner who gives really great service and is polite, why not suggest a career in funeral service?  That high school student bagging groceries for $7 an hour might appreciate a job with your funeral home on weekends.  He can wash cars, assist with removals and do computer work (most kids are proficient now-a-days).

And who knows?  You might just discover the next star funeral director.

So today’s daily nag is simple:  HIRE SOME PART-TIMERS!