Turns out you can catch some good wi-fi internet access in big cities, so I’m able to get post every day, if I want.

 Of course, this is meant to be a short vacation, so I’ll try to keep it short.


We’re staying in a nice hotel, Millenium Bailey’s.  It’s located at 140 Gloucester Road in London, just a few blocks from Kensington Gardens (Kensington Palace is on the grounds – Princess Diana lived there) and just two Tube stations from Harrod’s Department store.

Even better, our hotel is just across the street from a Tube station, so we don’t have to walk six blocks to get to ground transport (like last time we visited this fair city).

We took it easy today; up at 7:00 am yesterday, a full day of travel and the time difference meant we were zonked by the time we were able to check into the hotel today.  So we’ll make a bigger splash tomorrow.

Of course, we’re still handling business, so if anyone needs me, send an email to finalembraceonline@gmail.com.

Till tomorrow then!