Realtor by Night...Heath Holverson of Alsip & Persons Funeral Chapel in Idaho comments on his blog about seeking the copyright to the Superman logo for the urn of a client:

 Read it here.

It just goes to show that a little determination and a willingness to TRY HARDER will pay off for your families.

While I don’t know how much Heath bragged to the family about the difficulties in getting this accomplished, I would have made a HUGE SPECTACLE out of the entire thing.  I’d have told the family that the urn company refused to engrave without permission from the copyright holder, but that I was trying desparately to get an answer from DC Comics for them.  Then, after the approval came, I’d tell them I pulled a few strings to get it done.

Dishonest?  Hardly, but it does stretch the truth a bit.  If Heath hadn’t been willing to make the extra effort, the family would have had to settle for something other than what they really wanted. 

 So maybe you shouldn’t LIE, but I’d encourage everyone to make sure your clients know what you’ve actually done for them.  And while Heath can feel good about going the extra mile for his client family, he needs to make sure that the family and his superiors know how dilligent he was on their behalf. 

So often we complain about the “servers” in our life (bus drivers, garbage collectors, waitresses, etc.) who fail to go beyond the very basic their jobs require.  It’s important to acknowledge when someone takes the time to make a service provided truly memorable.

I’m sure Heath’s job description did not include the navigation of legal channels to secure one-off rights to a multi-billion dollar entertainment icon for a family who doubtless paid no additional fees for his efforts.

Congrats Heath, on a job well done.