Whether a third-party casket is delivered like this:


or like this:

You still need to be nice to your client family.  Many directors become rude or require the family to accept delivery of the casket because they’ve used an outside casket store, but what can possibly be accomplished by this tactic?

You’ve already lost a casket sale, why also lose the goodwill of the family you’re serving?  In fact, you’re probably doing more harm to your reputation and name in the community by treating a family with disrespect than if you’d never served them.

People choose casket stores because they perceive savings and value by doing so.  The casket seller has probably warned them about the way you’re going to react to their purchase.  If you throw a fit when they tell you that they’ve bought from a store or if you require them to sign for the casket, you’ll only fulfill the seller’s prediction.

Be pleasant, be kind, and, for Pete’s sake, don’t let them see how much it hurts to get a casket from a casket store.  Because, quite frankly, the consumer doesn’t care about your bottom line.  He cares about his own.