Roselawn Funeral Home Building with Hearse and Limo

Take away the hearse and the limousine, and the building above looks like any other office building.  I think the owners of Roselawn Funeral Home, Crematory & Cemetery meant it to be that way.  On their website, they proudly announce being their area’s newest funeral home using the latest state of the art equipment and facilities.  To me, this funeral home says “we sell a contemporary service, different from the traditional funerals of old.  We will make sure we create whatever type of service you want.”

decrepit funeral home

I think this one is out of business.

Cox Funeral Home

About Cox Funeral Home, from their website

“Our aim is with our personal touch, provide desired services for our families in the most professional and affordable manner possible.”

I seriously doubt that they can offer “affordable” services with a building that looks like that.  However, if they’re running a traditional, reputation-based business (started in 1866, as their site claims) then the building is perfect.


 The building above is Meierhoffer Funeral Home & Crematory.  I can’t imagine they sell on price, or convenience, as their list of service offerings would be daunting to convenience shoppers.  Here’s a list of services they offer:

– Onsite Crematory and Viewing Area
– Onsite Floral and Gift Shop
– Community Room and Catering Services
– Children’s Play Area
– Family PALS Pet Cremation Service

This building says, “We’re offering a new kind of high-class funeral service.  Yes, we’ve been in business for over 100 years, so we still offer traditional services, but we know that you want more options, and we’ve got them.”

What does your building say about your firm?