Yesterday we teased you with a question (What is a Pirolette?) and this picture:

Here’s a hint:  Look at the white areas around the Pirolette.  Remember the vases you used to draw as a kid?  That looked like people’s profiles? 

Pirolettes are made by Tom Beshara of Turn Your Head.  He takes a photo of your loved one’s profile (side view) and turns it into a beautiful Pirolette using a block of wood and his lathe.

You can see the entire process and read about the product on his website.

He can even make Pirolettes with small cavities in the bottom for keepsakes.  While his website shows a lock of hair being inserted, I’m sure you could include a small portion of cremated remains.

Imagine being able to offer your clients a Pirolette of their loved one as a keepsake urn.  Of course, you’d have to take the photograph of the deceased so that Tom could make the item.

And you might have trouble charging more for the product, since Tom sells direct to the public.  But you might be able to charge a small “photography” fee for your efforts.

We’ve sent a request to Tom to find out if he’s built any relationships with funeral homes yet.  Maybe we can talk him into offering a small discount to funeral home clients.