This is a continuation of our series, “Questionable Pre-Need Tactics?  You Decide.”  You can read the previous parts here:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Part 4.

In an effort to promote transparency, I recorded my interview with Robin Richter (my mother), the woman who forwarded the original email to me.  I’ve included the full recording below.

PODCAST:  Questionable Pre-Need Tactics?  The Robin Richter Interview 

You will notice that at the beginning of the interview she doesn’t remember sharing her email address in the guestbook.  Later, she walks through the steps to sign the guestbook and realizes that she DID indeed have to share her email address.

Also, this interview was completed on April 25, before I had spoken with Ms. Blackburn.  This was still developing at the time and the facts were still up in the air.

However, the reactions caught on this recording are her TRUE reactions.  She had not even read the last part of the email, the part that suggests that “John would have wanted you to have this Simplicity Planner.”  Her reaction to that part was spontaneous and provides us an opportunity to examine the effects of marketing words.