Robin Richter (who received the email and is my mother) received an email from which asked her to rate her experience wth  She responded with a reference to the story I’ve laid out in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4. the interview and the conclusion.

Legacy has responded with this email, which reads as a standard answer to questions about spam email:

Dear Robin,

We understand your concern about spammers harvesting your e-mail address from our Web site. To prevent this, we do not display any user’s e-mail address in the Guest Books. Instead, a link labeled “Contact me” is displayed in the Guest Book. Clicking this link allows anyone to send e-mail to the author of that Guest Book entry without ever obtaining his or her e-mail address.

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent spammers from sending e-mails through the “Contact me” links. Please note that nobody will ever see your e-mail address, and entering your e-mail address is not required to sign a Guest Book.

If you would like us to remove the “Contact me” link from your Guest Book entry, please let us know and we would be happy to do so.


Would this pacify you?  Or would you, like me, be even more annoyed because they haven’t listened close enough.  While I have really tried to see this through less-impassioned eyes, I just keep coming back to the idea that someone who makes $8 an hour scanned an email until she saw “spam” and fired back a pre-written response.

Worse yet, some companies have computer which can handle this task, saving them the $8 an hour.  Linnea could stand for Library of Intuitive Natural and Normal Email Articulations.

I hope they haven’t trusted their customer service responses to a computer.