One of the bloggers I read daily, Mary Schmidt (a business developer and marketing troubleshooter), was recently told that 70% of blogs are read by only one person and that they’re a waste of time.

Pishaw!  (Or is it ‘pshaw’?)

I must be part of that 30% because we’re averaging almost 300 readers a day here at Final Embrace and I’ve created a TON of great new contacts I would never have met without this great tool.

Just to prove that my blog is not self-indulgent or without merit, I’m going to share some the things I’ve done in the past few weeks because of my blog:

Had an interview today with Herb Ayres of Life Story Network.  They have created a great network of funeral homes that all share the “Life Story Funeral Home” brand.  I’ll be bringing you more about them in the next few weeks.

Interviewed Kim Stacey (funeral home copywriting extraordinaire) about Yellow Page and website advertising.  We’ve posted podcasts of Part One and Part Two so far.

Recorded short podcasts for the site, stuffed full of all my overwraught opinions.

Received a complimentary print of the Colors of Honor display from Mr. Thomas Poolton.  He sent it because I’m going to exhibit it at the Independent Funeral Directors of Florida convention in June.  It really is exquisite.  You should get one for your own community!

Learned how to embed YouTube videos into the blog.

Taught a funeral director how to use a blog to store his online obituaries.  He’s now considering moving all his website information to a blog!

Researched memorialization products and found the amazing Pirolette made by Turn Your Head.

Sold over $1000 worth of quilted mortuary cot covers just because of the informative articles I’ve written for Final Embrace.  Of course, I’ve sold many more thousands of dollars worth of my great covers this month from other sources, but this one’s a good way to quietly push the really good covers that we make.  Hint, hint!

Found another sales rep for my quilted mortuary cot covers.  (If you want to be one, just drop me a line at finalembraceonline(at)  It pays a healthy commission and makes a nice side job!)

Discovered at least ten new websites that made me laugh, made me cry or otherwise changed my perspective.

So maybe blogs aren’t so self-indulgent or worthless after all.

Oh, and I corrected a lot of people’s grammar.  And I love doing that!