A Savannah funeral home has garnered free publicity by taking care of the heroes in their community.

Fairhaven Funeral Home held a luncheon to announce a program that provides free funeral services to fire, police and EMS personnel killed in the line of duty.

“We want to do it out of the kindness of our hearts,” Bird Hodges told WTOC, the local CBS affiliate. “We know police, fire and EMT’s are underpaid and we want to make sure their families are taken care of for taking care of us in a line of duty death.”

While this type of program garners good will in the community (who doesn’t think that police, fire and EMS personnel do important work?) it’s also relatively inexpensive.

First, the program has no upfront costs.  The only expenses are generated when someone dies in the line of duty.  Fortunately for most communities, line-of-service deaths are uncommon.

Secondly, the program can be set up to run for only one year, allowing you to change the program or add benefits each year that it’s reinstated.  This also allows you to send a press release about the program each year and tout the number of years it’s been in effect.

Imagine a press release that celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the program.  Or the year that you add discount benefits for spouses and children of the personnel.

There are so many options with such a program, but, at its core, any such benefit is designed to publicize your business, build goodwill in the community and encourage fire, police and EMS personnel to think of you as their funeral home.

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