We’ve suggested before (in a beautifully worded podcast titled “Trunk Full of Flowers“) that you carry extra flowers with you when you conduct funerals in a cemetery.

When the funeral is over, you can place the flowers on other graves.  Just make sure  you’ve got the flowers tagged with a sign that indicates your gift.

Robert Falcon (left) of Heritage Funeral Home in Killeen, Texas took our advice to heart and tested it Easter 2007.  He visited the cemetery and gave away carnations.

Even though they had an unexpected snowfall and cemetery attendance was down, Robert still passed out a few hundred dollars worth of flowers.

Robert now reports that one of the women he spoke to in the cemetery has made funeral prearrangements with his firm. 

While I don’t think you should spend $200 to attract just one pre-need contract, I do know that Robert had more impact than just the one sale.  each person he spoke to (hopefully) left with a better opinion of Heritage Funeral Home and their staff.


Banks, government offices and the Postal Service will all be closed this Monday for Memorial Day.  Many of your clients may have decided to postpone arrangements because of the day.

Why not take a quiet day to not only honor the dead who served our military, but make a positive impression on their families?  I’d suggest that you try one of the following:

– Call a nursing home supervisor and offer to take a group of seniors (the more mobile ones) to visit loved ones in local cemeteries.  Use your limousines or a big van.

– Position yourself at the entrance of a local cemetery and offer visitors an American flag and flowers to place on their loved one’s grave.  If they say that their loved one wasn’t a veteran, explain the purpose of Memorial Day and offer a flag to be placed on a veteran’s grave in the cemetery.

– Place a flower (with a tag that indicates your funeral home’s name) on the grave of every veteran in a local cemetery

– Place an ad in the newspaper announcing free flowers for veteran cemetery placement if the requester comes to the funeral home.  (Have your staff place each flower arrangement while you’re at the cemetery on Memorial Day.)

Do more.  Be an asset to your community.  They’ll remember it.