As your clients get larger, your equipment and the products you offer will need to grow.

From oversized caskets and heavier retort usage to reinforced stretchers and bigger vaults, funeral directors across the U.S. are dealing with obesity in new, previously undiscussed ways.

At Final Embrace, we’ve seen a greater call for quilted cot covers to fit the new oversized cots from Ferno and Junkin.  While one of our standard covers is generously sized to cover remains and the sides of a cot on a “normal” removal, larger folks require larger coverings.  If you’re interested, we can make any of our covers to fit a larger cot for a small fee.  Just ask!

Ferno-Washington has responded by creating the 24-Maxx, a 77″x25.5″ cot that can handle up to 1000 pounds.

Now, they’ve shrunk the cot to 77″x22.75″ to make the 24 MiniMAXX.  It still handles 1000 pounds, but can fit two-abreast in a removal vehicle.

How are you dealing with the “growing” population?