Golden Gate Funeral Home has four locations in Texas.

Browsing their website and watching their commercial, I had an immediate notion of who they are and the type of services they sell.


They don’t sell their long history in the community (even though they have one).  They don’t sell the amazing variety of services they offer (although they probably could do a specialized service, if asked).  They don’t even push their convenience to local churches, cemeteries or highways. 

They sell their prices and their vehicle fleet.  (Their fleet is awesome – Hummer, Mercedes, Chrysler 300, etc.)

And they put their prices right on their website.  Separated into 13 different funeral packages, their offerings range in price from $795 for a graveside service in a cloth-covered casket to $30,000 for the Diamond package.

Do they provide immediate burial or direct cremation?  Possibly, but those are not options listed on their website.  They use the web as a marketing tool.  It helps them weed out the visitors that just “aren’t their clients.”

These people have figured it out.  Which may be why they just opened their fourth facility.