Seth Godin has once again proven why I call him a marketing guru.

In response to a question about new business success (while he was out selling his new book, “The Dip”) he responded:

“If you accomplish that, will you be seen by your audience as the best in the world, or will you be seen as doing your best?”

He explains that doing your best is the kind of thing that gets noticed by your soccer coach and commended with a “nice try, kiddo.” 

Being the best makes the world take notice. 

The secret, he shares, is to make the “world” (translation: the  marketplace) small enough that you can be the best in your field.

To make this fit into my “world,” it means that doing your best to be just like any other funeral home is not enough.  Being the best Catholic funeral home or the best military funeral home or the best traditional cremation funeral home is where we’re headed.

You can’t be all things to all people.  And while it might be difficult to admit that there are clients you cannot serve as well as another funeral home can, there is a positive side:  there are some clients you CAN serve better than the competition, and you should be stiving hard to make sure the marketplace knows it.

Why are price-focused funeral homes usually so successful so soon after opening?  Because they push their strength:  their price. 

If your specialty is unique services or the world’s most moving rosary, tell the community.

If you don’t tell and show your community that you’re the best _________ funeral home, they’ll substitute words like “expensive,” “old” or “inconvenient.”