Before any longtime smokers throw their keyboards in disgust and stomp outside for a smoke, I should tell you that I smoked for 8+ years.

 Even when I was a smoker, I still got disgusted when our removal service sent us that one driver who chainsmoked in the van.

It got so bad that families would spend the first ten or fifteen minutes of the arrangement conference complaining about how bad the smell of the removal service worker was.

If you smoke, you might not be aware of how pervasive the smell can be.  If you smoke in the removal vehicle, the cot cover will absorb the smell.

 Do yourself a favor.  Stop smoking in your company vehicles.  If your cot cover smells, wash it.  Better yet, buy a new quilted cot cover from us.  In all likelihood, your current cover doesn’t have a great protective lining, likes ours do.  So you’ll be replacing the cover with a safer, more attractive alternative.


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