While browing YouTube for videos about funeral homes and cremation societies, I found this video, simply titled “Why Cremation?”:

The video was produced for Heartland Cremation and Burial Society.

With three locations in Missouri and Kansas, Heartland offers cremation and alternative services.

Heartland has figured out what their “ideal client” wants.  This is the first thing written on their website:

The mission of Heartland Cremation & Burial Society is to reduce cremation & funeral costs for our Society members and their families.

They sell price.  They sell it in everything they do.  Their YouTube video mentions price several times.  The video that runs on their website mentions price.  They use words like “alternative,” “savings” and “affordable.”

But they also know that those who choose cremation might want affordable services that AREN’T traditional funerals.  So they use words like “dignified” and “simple.”

And by framing themselves as a “society” (they appear to be set up in the traditional cremation society model) they deflect some of the animosity that many “price shoppers” feel toward traditional funeral homes.  They also define their market; in effect, saying “if you’re looking for traditional funerals, you should go somewhere else because we do something different.”


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