Quilted cot covers are not easy to make.   And I should know, because I used to make every bit of them myself.

As we’ve grown (sales keep tripling every year!) we’ve had to add staff.

First, we added a husband and wife team to make the pieced quilt fabric that gets turned into our Hometown Collection covers, like the one below:

Then, we added a lady to handle the paperwork and make sure we get paid on time.  She’s doing a great job and we’ll spotlight her another time.

We’ve just added a new employee, named Paula Fedarko.  Paula is sewing some of the detail work, like the VersaPocket and handling a lot of our Treasured Memory Bear orders.

The VersaPocket is an important feature on our quilted cot covers.  The pocket has five compartments:  four smaller ones (great for business cards, gloves, etc.) and one larger one (paperwork, clipboard, etc.).  The pocket is stitched to the end of the cover, at the place where the removal person pushes the cot.

Welcome to the team, Paula!