This one’s going to be short, as the meat of my interview is contained in podcasts that will be published in the coming days.

I interviewed Herb Ayres with the Life Story Network, a group of funeral homes that focuses on the “storytelling” aspect of funeral services.

More than just a philosophy, the Life Story Network provides member funeral homes with the framework to create not only exciting, engaging funeral services that celebrate the deceased’s life story, but also to brand their funeral home offerings and provide beautiful tribute videos, meaningful funeral packages and a unique “life story” experience for their clients.

The Life Story Network website is geared for consumers, so it doesn’t look like the traditional, plain funeral home website:

Life Story Network

They have several trademarked phrases, but the one I really like is “It’s not about the casket.”

Think about it.  How many times do you hear guests comment that “it was such a lovely service, and the casket was exquisite”?

You can join the Life Story Network.  Unlike some other franchise systems, Life Story Network does not own all the funeral homes that use their name.  The member funeral homes pay the Network to use the name, the branding, the great “life story” tools and more.

You can hear my full interview with Herb in podcasts that I’ll start posting today.