I was taking pictures of my local firefighters knocking down a blaze that had engulfed a local house.

Eustis, Florida House Fire June 2007
Chief Roy Tremain supervises overhaul of the structure.

At roughly 9:00 pm on June 12, 2007, the Eustis Fire Department responded to a call for a “structure fire, residential.  Fully involved.”

To be fair, fully involved is subjective, since the person making the initial call might describe a small kitchen fire as “the house is burning down!” and a hot fire that has spread to the attic might only show as some smoke and a few glowing windows from the outside.

But when our guys rolled up on this one, it was cooking!  Fire poured out from the front door.  The back of the house was lit up like Cape Canaveral during a night launch.  Vinyl siding was melting off the house like… well, like melting vinyl siding.  The tree closest to the house was lit up as well. 

The lieutenant wisely called for defensive positions. 

And then they heard the explosion. 

A fire ball burst through the front door and one firefighter let out a shout of excitement.  These guys live for that kinda junk.

Todd Martin
Firefighter Todd Martin, elated after extinguishing the blaze.

They couldn’t save the contents of the house, but they halted the fire in short order.  By the time I got there (just 10 minutes after the call went out) our guys were coming out and their counterparts from the county fire department were starting overhaul.  ‘Overhaul’ is when they clean up and make sure any fires in the walls or ceiling are completely out.

Keith Broccolo
Firefighter Keith Broccolo after a job “well-done.”

I like my firefighters.  They continue to do great work.