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QFFC Ad June 2007

Our competitor, Ron of Quilted First-Call Covers, has finally figured out that nylon, like the stuff we use in our FluidBlocker™ lining, is better than vinyl.  (Read the last line of his ad above.)

See, Ronald started selling quilted first-call covers without lining.  He charges $150 for an unlined basic cover.  Now, if you still want protection for the fabric, he’ll sell you a clear vinyl lining that attaches with hook and loop tape.  You and I would call that Velcro, but I don’t know if he actually uses the brand “Velcro” so I can’t call it that without risking legal action.

Oh, and the vinyl lining costs $50 more.  So a simple lined cover from him will set you back $200.  (Hint:  that’s $25 more than the $175 we currently charge for one with the liner sewn in so you don’t have to reattach it when it comes loose.)

Problem was (and still is), vinyl is not the best material.  We figured that out early, which is why we switched to more expensive but more durable FluidBlocker™ lining.

Someone asked me why I would switch to a more expensive lining that would make the covers last longer.  He said, “Don’t you want your customers to reorder often?” 

Of course I do.  But I also want to provide value to my customers.  There are 22,000 funeral homes in the U.S. alone.  I can afford to offer a product that will last YEARS because I know there are many more people who will be recommended to me because the product provides value and is durable.

Our FluidBlocker™ is made from non-porous treated nylon.  This stuff is 100% waterproof!  And it’s rugged.  Originally designed for mountain climbing gear, it withstands extreme cold and extreme heat.

Imagine leaving a huge piece of vinyl in a removal vehicle and letting the summer sun cook it.  Uh-Oh!

Or, you unfold a vinyl-lined cover in 30-degree weather, only to have it crack and make all kinds of awful noises.

Even worse, vinyl-lined covers still require washing every few months.  So while it might be fine in the wash, it’ll fall apart in the dryer because of the heat.

Luckily, FluidBlocker™ lining is washer and dryer safe.  GUARANTEED!


So I’m glad that Ron’s begun offering nylon lining.  It’ll make his covers better.  In turn, it’ll make his customers happier.  They’ll tell other funeral directors to buy a quilted cover and before you know it, both Ron and I are making tons of money, selling his good product and my great product (Yeah, I can’t help being partial to my great covers!) and replacing all the unattractive, non-lined cot covers that are currently industry standard.

Welcome to the party, Ron.  It’s still early, so stick around while we change some history.