A recent New York Times photoessay shows the differences between how online gaming enthusiasts look and how they see themselves.

Given the opportunity to create online avatars (a digital mask, so to speak) gamers often come up with creatures that bear little resemblance to their actual physical bodies.

But given the assumptions we make about people based upon the way they look, it seems to me that we are missing an important element of funeral service:  providing funerals that fit how people see themselves and their loved ones.

 Jason Rowe of Texas plays Star Wars Galaxies as Rurouni Kenshin.
(Photo by Robbie Cooper for the New York Times)  LINK

Yes, it is difficult to know how a deceased viewed themselves, but it’s not hard to provide more options or to tell your community that you understand that everyone is different.

But pre-need sales provide an even more exciting opportunity.  One of the biggest barriers in the market today is a feeling (in the consumer’s mind) that funerals are boring cookie-cutter affairs.  Few want to plan their own funeral.  Fewer still want to plan their own BORING funeral.

How do your clients view themselves?  Do the little old ladies you’re burying now think of themselves as “little old ladies?”