I’ve been reading this really cool website for a few weeks.  I’ve even been listening to some of the podcasts (and learning a lot from Ron).

Then it occured to me:  I’ve never told my readers about it!

This was hammered home by a comment that Ron Nastie of The Final Taxi made on the site.  He was very complimentary about the work we’re doing here.

So here’s where I tell all my readers about the great work being done by Ron and his partner, Jeff.

The Final Taxi covers the “final rides” of the famous and the infamous.

Part obituary and part life story, each “Final Taxi” installment reveals interesting facts about the subject.

Recent guests on The Final Taxi include:

Charles Nelson Reilly
Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert)
Joseph di Reda
and many more…

Along with the website and the great podcasts, Ron writes a blog about topics related to death and dying.

An often humorous take on our field of interest, The Final Taxi is a great read.  Check it out!