“Obsession” Courtesy of Visual Artist Ann Spark

I’ve been (unsuccessfully) trying to slow the pace of this blog so I don’t get burnt out.

So far, it hasn’t worked.

My biggest concern is that I’ll run out of ideas.

Luckily, that hasn’t happened.  So far.

But we’re still actively seeking contributors.  In fact, whenever we find someone who’s willing to contribute their own perspective, I reward them with a contribution of my own.  For our “guest consumer” Candace Craw-Goldman of In Repose, I pen a new column called “Ask Our Funeral Professional.”

For our “guest copywriter” Kim Stacey, I slip one of her business cards and a copy of “5 Ways to Improve Your Yellow Page Ad” in each order for our quilted cot covers.  I also gently remind my readers that Kim offers free ad review consultations.  Call her at to get her opinion and some valuable advice that will improve your advertising.

Thomas Poolton of Colors of Honor got his print into our booth at the IFDF Convention by complimenting my writing (I’m a sucker for a nice review) and sending us a sample to display.

Don Shell of the Life Story Network (an amazing group of funeral homes) scored his bosses a free quilted mortuary cot cover by reminding us that funerals aren’t about the casket.  (Don, if you’re reading this, call me at 321-287-0628 to find out how to get that free cover.  I just need someone to pick out one of our georgeous patterns.)

And who’s to say that we couldn’t “scratch your back” if you decide to contribute to this great funeral resource?

Please, help me curb my addiction.  If I can get one contribution a day, I can cut my research and writing time to 23 hours a day!