I haven’t had a chance to play the new game “Funeral Quest” because their server is too busy, but reviews claim that the object of the game is to “win” by convincing clients to spend as much as possible on funeral services and merchandise.

According to the website:

Players use guilt and sympathy as sales tactics to convince the bereaved to spend as much as possible on a funeral service.  It’s not just morbid, it’s also funny. Players will sell items such as a casket cell-phone (in case of premature burial), a box of extra-strength tissues, or a casket air freshener among scores of other humorous items.

You can watch an introductory video here.

The game rewards players who sell some absurd items using either a soft sell or hard sell, depending upon a customer’s mood.  Players are encouraged not to stop pushing product until the customer’s mood changes from “numb” or “shocked” to “irked,” “angry” or “pissed.”

I hope I don’t have to remind you that these tactics would destroy any real world funeral home.

In fact, I’d challenge anyone to stay open longer than a month using this strategy.