Here’s an idea I blatantly stole from a fire department:

Designate your funeral home a “dead flag” drop-off point.

Morguefile photo courtesy of

 One resourceful fire house has gotten hold of an old US Postal Service mail box (one of the big blue ones that sits on the street corner) and painted it like a U.S. flag with the words “Retired Flag Drop-off Point” written across it.

The flap (where the mail used to go) is marked “Flags Only.”

The fire department then retires the flags, either with the VFW or the Boy Scouts in a flag burning ceremony that has been used for decades to discard of old flags.

Imagine you get ahold of an old mail box.  Or you create sometype of collection box.

This box sits on your property and gives your community a place to take battered and worn U.S. flags that might otherwise be tossed in the trash.

This tells your potential clients three things about you:

1.  You care about the flag and, by extension, the country it represents.

2.  You care about end of “life,” whether it be the life of a flag or the life of a person.  And this is more important to you than money.

3.  You are sensitive to the needs of your community.

Better still, you can invite the local media to cover this great new box.  You can publicize each retirement ceremony (but limit it to once every two or three months) and make a big deal out of each event.

But my favorite part is the new nickname you might get tagged with:  “That funeral home with the flag box.”

As is, “My family uses that funeral home with the flag box.”