Many of you don’t read the comments on the site.  That makes sense, because the one below is a pretty strong indication that even I (Tim Totten) make mistakes: 

I read your website most days, and have commented a couple of times…

also asked your advice … but -(

Also I often tell other businesses about you and would like to sell you cot covers here in the UK..

Check out our website please..

Glorianna Langley-Finch of Personal Wishes Funeral Consultants

Turns out Glorianna asked for advice a few months ago and I never got around to giving it to her.

I broke a trust, and that drives me crazy.  Because at the least, this website is about having a conversation about the changing funeral industry.  And I broke the conversation.

So Glorianna, please forgive my mistake.  And expect a response tomorrow.  I’ll be giving some feedback on your site, the role you hope to fill in the funeral industry and your specific question, listed here:

I have started a company in the UK, bring the concept of Funeral consultants to this country. I have had so much postive feedback, with many companies from the USA helping me.

My biggest problem despite the banks agreeing it is a great idea is rasing finance. I have designed and had printed all the brochures and advertising material, had free editorials in magazines, but don’t know where to go from here