Our last post featured an email from U.K. reader James and included the line:

I appreciate your generosity in sharing so much information, and felt that you deserve a lot more feedback/comment than you seem to get for each of your articles.

Canadian reader Thomas Poolton weighed in with this response:

Your reference that Tim should get more comments is quite correct! It would be very nice to get more “chatter” here from the daily readers.

While I appreciate the kind words and understand that some of my readers (and me, if I’m honest) would like a greater amount of conversation, I know that many of you just like to read my ramblings without the obligation of adding a witty observation or sharing a story from your own funeral past.

conversationTo be honest, there are at least fifteen blogs I read everyday that will never get a comment from me.  Others, by their nature, seem to beg for a response, so I chime in.

Truth be told, I usually comment on other people’s blogs to draw their attention to my own.  So do I just leave a note reading “Liked your blog.  Read mine!” or do I add a witty response and hope to dazzle them with my intelligence?

I’ll let you decide how smart I am.

So I understand if you don’t want to comment on these posts.  And please, feel free to share this information with your own readers or your friends. 
                  (Painting by Barnaby Menage)

After all, blogging is about community, even when members of the community read silently to themselves.  But just know, we can still see your lips moving.