A few days ago I received an email request from Diana of Magic Touch Marketing to have one of her clients featured on Final Embrace.

Her client has recently begun blogging and needs some exposure.  And while the blog is definitely industry-related, there are only a few posts on the site, so far.

So I told Diana that we would be happy to feature the company once they get a few more articles on their own site, since I don’t want to send my loyal readers (you!) to sites with minimal content.

In the meantime, Diana has taken my advice and updated her own blog.  And she even followed a suggestion of mine and wrote about funeral marketing!

Here’s just an excert:

 Funeral services are always preaching about pre-planning for pre-need.  Take your own advice!

You see, marketing does take thought, planning, and insight.  You have to really understand the people you are trying to reach and then take the mountain to them.  Even if that means doing things in your field that others are not doing.

For the full, teeming-with-great-insight, article, visit the Marketing Goddess blog.