Whenever I tell people what I do for a living (for those who don’t know, we make beautiful quilted covers for mortuary cots) they feel the need to share their own death story.

Not surprisingly, many of my fellow Floridians share that they didn’t have a funeral for their loved one because they were cremated.

So I take the opportunity to do a little education by asking:

Did you have any services or viewing for your mom before she was cremated?

Which is usually met with surprise or shock, as the person asks:

You can have a viewing with a cremation?

Funeral directors are so afraid that their families will choose cremation if they talk about it that they do little to dispell the common fallicies.

Unless you want to see all your possible cremation clients run to a direct disposer, you need to tell your community that cremation is more than a fast and cheap way to get rid of a “problem” or “inconvenience.”

Cremation isn’t just a cheap cardboard box.

Stop letting your price-conscious customers choose between either your high-priced burial or a no-frills rock-bottom cremation (with someone else).

Because the folks who see little value in the traditional burial you try to force on them are going to choose their only other option:  cheap, direct cremation.

Give your community a choice.  Educate them.