Trees of the Dead

(Picture courtesy of Trey Ratcliff, whose work ROCKS!)

While I can’t, in good taste, relate the whole story here (you’ll have to check out the article in The Economist), I can tell you that an old custom involving female corpses is making a comeback after years of Communist attempts to dispell the myths surrounding it.But before you think I’m publishing articles about necrophilia, hear me out, because while it is not nearly as disgusting, it is an extremely heartbreaking story of violation and broken morality.

You can read the whole story here.

In essence, folks who bury female relatives are having to watch out for grave robbers who sell the remains for as much as $5000 to a family burying an unmarried male relative.

A belief still held by some in China holds that a man and woman must be buried together.  Hence the “corpse bride” trade that continues to plague Chinese cemeteries.