From WAFB News in Baton Rouge, Louisiana comes the story of a transvestite who tried to attend his uncle’s funeral wearing an appropriately-black cocktail dress.

Dermaine JohnsonThe man, Dermaine Johnson (right, holding the dress), tried to enter the New Zion Baptist Church to pay last respects to his dead uncle when, he and others claim, the pastor and the pastor’s wife ushered him out the door.

And while I encourage you to read the whole story, the most pathetic part of the story is how being excluded made Johnson feel.  He says, “It made me feel like I was an infant baby, just left alone in the world with nobody to care for me.”

Should the minister have thrown the young man out?  Maybe.  It’s possible that his interpretation of the Bible encourages him to turn folks away from the House of God.

Should the funeral director have stepped in to offer another option – maybe viewing at the graveside for the young man in the dress?  Um…. yeah!

Instead, the young man went home and cried.

 The full story is available here.