Ever met a person who can talk FOREVER and will talk to you about everything that have ever happened to you, even when you really should be greeting all the folks who enter the door for a viewing.

So how do you get “Mr. Talker” to step away from the front door and mingle with the other guests? 

I found a great article from Lifehack.org titled How to Exit a Conversation.

This is a great article, if not for the suggestions (which are superb), then for the skillful writing involved.  A laughed a bit, but I also learned some great tips.

While their article features full explanations, here’s a quick recap of their suggestions:

– Excuse yourself
– Make an impression (this one you have to read, but it translates to “be direct and promise a specific time you’ll get back with them”)
– Introduce a colleague
– Take a bathroom  break
– Interrupt and introduce a new topic
– Transition to a new topic

But my favorite seems best for a party:

Say “Excuse me, but do you know when someone is in a bad conversation and they give a signal? Yeah, Mike just gave me the signal; I’ve got to help him.”

While a chatty funeral home guest can make the hours of a visitation fly by (especially if he/she is interesting) you’re neglecting your other guests. 

So use these tips and start connecting with everyone who enters your funeral home.