Some of you know that I read a lot of blogs everyday.  I mean A LOT, like, more than fifty.

A select few of those of you who know that I read a lot of blogs also know that my current favorite is Boing Boing

 MulelibraryWhy?  Because they feature an eclectic mix of some wierdly-fabulous junk.  I adore it.

 Recent blog posts include “How to make a giant, insane match” (takes 15,000 match heads), Venezulan mule libraries, Colonel Sanders drawn with nothing more than a typewriter and a quirky little film called “A Gentleman’s Duel.”

 It’s the last one that I really love.  This animated short features two insistent and insane suitors who are more intent on beating one another in a duel than actually gaining the affections of the beautiful lady.

Slapstick?  Yes!  Funny?  H-ll yes!

You can see it by clicking this link.

Oh, and if it offends you – you didn’t see it here!